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a weird and wonderful show

a subtle kiss that no one sees

Jaclyn's Mundane Reality
10 January 1988

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I'm a girl. I'm in love. My boyfriend fiance is amazing. My friends are precious. I make things. Like art. I'm an artist. I love painting portraits, mainly of dolls. I only really like to work in oil paint. My childhood doll, Abby, she speaks to me when I get drunk. I don't like to drink heavily anymore. I live for adventures, they're few and far between. I like smoking: cloves, camel turkish royals, occasionally green. I'm going to college. I work at a movie theater. Road trips relax me beyond belief. I dance whenever I feel the need (occasionally). I sing in the car (often). I'm a horrible singer (yes). I live off off coffee, and mac and cheese. Not together. I consider myself beautiful, because of my boy, who helped me realize it. I love riding shot gun. I hate driving. I live for walks to the park and midnight swings. I've grown up too fast, recently. I lost my grandma, my dog, my hamster, and my best friend's dad and my first job, all within 3 months of eachother. 6 months after that my dad had a heart attack, and survived. 9 months after that he had a second, and is still going. This brings me hope. I'm a short imaginative slightly off girl with a loud voice. For reasons unknown, that's why my friends love me, and other reasons too I'm sure. This is my life, and while it's messy and stressful and complete chaos sometimes, I love it.

20's fashion, 50's fashions, action action, alanis morissette, alice in wonderland, amélie, angel sanctuary, anime, anti-peta, anything with significant beauty, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, batman, battle royale, beatles' movie nights, bebop boyfriend, being an average beauty, being bitten, being called a dreamer, being petted, best week ever, bisexuality, boy meets world, brandon lee, brian molko, britpop, chappaquiddick skyline, cheshire cats, childhood doll abby, china rain, coffee ice cream, comics, cowboy bebop, dances in the sky, david bowie, democratic, designing, disney princesses, disney sing-a-longs, do as infinity, dollies, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming on clouds, ebola virus strain, elvis, emotionless beings, england, escaping reality, fairies, fashion, fire goddess perfume, fireworks, francesca lia block, frank sinatra, gay rights, gay-straight alliance, gin blossoms, glamour, glitter, gotham city, hal sparks, happiness, hedwig, horror movies, hot hot heat, imaginary love, inc-ness trademark, incense, incest toast, invader zim, j-pop, jack off jill, jessicka fodera, jesus christ bananas, jesus on toast, jhonen vasquez, john lennon, johnny the homicidal maniac, knee-high combat boots, labyrinth, lace, lanky lizards, london after midnight, lori petty, makeup, manga, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, mermaids, midnight at the park, modest mouse, moonpools and caterpillars, movies, music, my little ponies, nancy boys, nightmare before christmas, oasis, oceans in winter, old vinyl records, orgasmic accents, orgy, painting, panda, personalized skirts, pete yorn, pink floyd, pirating the entertainment industry, placebo, pro-choice, purple rain drops, queer as folk, radiohead, rain, rainbow brite, rainy day man, ranma 1/2, red drangonflies, roman dirge, rufus wainwright, sailor moon, scarling, self-expression, sewing, señor naranja, shake your buddha, sing sweet nightingale, sp00ns, sporky friend, squee!, stenciled designs, talking without really talking, tank girl, teenage mediocrity, the 80's, the beatles, the cure, the manga mars, the movie may, travis, trent reznor, unique ways of thinking, velvet, velvet goldmine, vinyl, wish, wishing on dying stars, witchy babies, wonderwall