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The Mixes Just Keep On Coming

So, I’m hosting this Sunday’s Mixer for Miss Faith twelfthofnever

And being the master procrastinator I am it has now become Jaclyn’s Monday Madness Mixer. Oh yeah baby.

Rise And Shine Babe, It’s Morning

It’s Monday. It’s early. You hate your job. And your coffee pot decided it hates you too. Let a cold shower and this mix wake you up.

1. “Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey” – The Beatles
Let the bells and John’s voice ring into your ears and get your butt in gear, even if all you want to do is take it easy.

2. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham!
Don’t leave good ol’ George Michael hanging like a yo-yo.

3. “ABC” – Jackson Five
Let the Jackson Five school you on the ways of love, elementary style.

4. “Mr. Blue Sky” – ELO
The Electric Light Orchestra keeps your mood up-beat while you’re feeling like you’re coming down with a severe case of the Mondays.

5. “Barracuda” – Heart
The rhythm will make you want to keep yourself in motion while you’re getting dressed.

6. “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” – Garbage
This song will make you happy putting on your make up and singing along.

7. “DARE” – Gorillaz
This tune can keep you bopping all the way to the car or your choice of transportation.

8. “Face Down” - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
This song is screaming drive on the freeway at top speed away from all your problems. What do you do? Find the nearest drive-thru Starbucks.

9. “Under Pressure” – Queen Featuring David Bowie
You’re starting to crack; the pressure of starting a new week is getting to you. Freddie Mercury and David Bowie will help you through these hard times.

10. “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” – The Clash
You’re in the parking lot. The Clash is singing the infinite question… Do you really want to face this Monday? No? Take the risk, head back to Starbucks, grab a double shot, and call in sick.

And that's life. My monday is consisting of watching the dry run of TRANSFORMERS in 5 short hours. I'm excited. I'm all about the autobots man. Sweet.

Enjoy the random mix, links to download will be posted later today.


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