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You Finally Find You And I Collide

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So, pretty much...
I'm over the Tyler deal.
For good this time.
And I feel really comfortable with everything with him.
I think before, it had to do with Abby.
And my general hatred of them together.
But now... It's good.
And I like the idea of him and Nem.
She actually seems to work.

In Other News...
If you don't know, there is an Andrew, from Canada. I've known him since I had a deadjournal way back when. But recently found his screenname in an old conversation and re-added him. And we've been catching up and talking a lot for a couple of months now. He's pretty much what I look for in a guy, I'm pretty much what he looks in for a girl.

Andrew (11:36:39 PM): Boob grabs are the most important part of any relationship
Me (11:36:55 PM): indeed
Andrew (11:37:05 PM): you agree? :P
Me (11:37:11 PM): yeah!
Me (11:37:22 PM): that's how I had 2 of my serious relationships, duh.
Andrew (11:37:37 PM): Jackie, if I had feelings, I'd be sad that you lived in Cali
Andrew (11:37:41 PM): Because you agree
Andrew (11:37:49 PM): but I don't. [have feelings]
Me (11:38:20 PM): Yeah, I would like you a lot Andrew, you know, if I didn't just know you from pictures and a computer
Andrew (11:38:47 PM): exactly my position too
Me (11:39:02 PM): well, at least we're on the same page then
Andrew (11:39:07 PM): indeed!

I hate that the one guy that actually sparks my interest in a good way, is in Canada.
And you know, the fact that I don't really know him and all that jazz.
Oh well, haha.
At least he likes me too.

Oh, and I caught a cold and hate everything because I'm cranky and doped up on medications. But my Faith is coming home today, so I'll get better and suck it up so she and I can hang out.


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